afternoon delight

no, not that kind of afternoon delight! i decided to participate in the awesome calliope's photo friday challenge this week.

the theme is
afternoon delight. now when i first read the theme, i thought of the song. when ike heard the theme. well let's just say he didn't think of the song right off.

so here's my photo.

that's me. hanging out on the front stoop with my diet sunkist. nothing else feels like summer to me than drinking an orange soda and sitting in the afternoon sun on a hot summer day.

honestly though, i didn't stay in the sun for long. but i am enjoying my orange soda. especially since the boss is out of town until august and he gave my co-worker and i permission to close the office on friday's for the summer. my just okay job, took a turn for the fabulous! that's right, i'm off every friday until august. ::bliss::

so what's your idea of an
afternoon delight? go over and visit calliope's blog and participate in the fun!


  1. Yes, please, I would like what you are having. Happy Photo Friday!

  2. Love it! Are you sitting there knitting too??

    Wish I could have Friday's off for the summer. Enjoy your nice long weekends!!

  3. Ahhhh sunning yourself while drinking a soda, sounds PERFECT!

    YAY for Fridays off! enjoy your 3 day weekends!

  4. Love orange soda. I did post a photo but didn't do the theme. (i'm a first timere) My afternoon delight is a nice nap with the window open and fan blowing on me.

  5. That looks like the perfect way to spend an afternoon!

    Yay for having Fridays off!

  6. duuuuuuuuuuuuuude!!! off every friday?!!!! Now that is a LOT of afternoons in which to get delightful.

    And I am loving your blog makeover! It is beautiful.


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