A Perfect Moment With a Book

My Friend Lori says "Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between."  And it's true!

I haven't been posting on my blog much lately.  We have had a lot of different things going on.

I have been dealing with a lot of my chronic pain issues from my back the past few months.  It was nice to have forgotten how much my chronic back pain dictates what I can and can't do in my daily routines.  But my back isn't playing nice again.

Things with our adoption are a bit stagnant right now.  Partly because of the back pain, but also because the local agency we were really hoping to use for our adoption process has decided not to take on any new families for the Spring.  They are not taking anyone new until the Fall.  It's very frustrating.  So we are now looking to finish up an independent home study with them and the pursue other agencies.

While dealing with these issues I found out this past Friday that my position at work is "going in a different direction" and I will be unemployed as of April 5.  I have been in this position for 7 1/2 years so it's been a while since I've had to go on an interview or work up a resume.  To say that I'm frustrated would be an understatement.

With that said, I know that God has a plan and somehow this is all going to work out just fine.  I haven't been very happy in my job for a while so maybe this is a push in the right direction to find something that I love doing!

But enough complaining!  There's a perfect moment in here somewhere, right?

One of the things I love so much about the online infertility and adoption community is the connections that are made.

Earlier this month one of my twitter peeps tweeted that she had an extra copy of the book "Goodnight Moon" and would love to share it with someone.  She has just become a Mom through domestic adoption and wanted to pass the book along to someone else.

So I sent a tweet back that if she didn't have someone who wanted it already, that I would love a copy.

This Saturday there was a package on my doorstep with a return address I didn't recognize.  I opened it up and there was the book from her.  It came at the most perfect time when I needed a pick-me-up!

I am excited to add this book to our baby book collection.  What a fun story it will have for our future child(ren) when we tell them where the book came from.

* * * * *

That's my perfect moment this Monday.  Do you have one to share?  Hope on over to Lori's blog and link your story up with others.


  1. What a great book, back story and perfect moment! I am sorry about your back pain, adoption agency hold up and job, but love your positive/optimistic attitude. (((HUGS)))

  2. ((HUGS)) Love that book and so will your child(ren).

  3. I love your upbeat take on the job loss, despite your frustration. If you would be here in France you would just complain and blame the government! ;) Sorry to hear about that too, as well as the adoption agency set-back and the back pain (I know about that, although I've been in the clear for a while too). I can imagine how great it was to receive that package in the mail. Good luck with everything!

  4. That's such a wonderful book. I'm glad it brought you some sunshine.

    Sorry to hear about your back, the adoption delay, and your job. Your resilience and patience is inspiring, though. I'm sending good thoughts that everything works out better than you could even imagine.

    My very best wishes.

  5. Oh Suzy... what frustrations you have! :( I'm so sorry to hear about your agency. I have done a lot of research on agencies and have some ideas to pass along to you if interested. Including the agency that we matched with! The problem is that they're ALL more expensive than CC. :/ But, they place faster.
    And sorry about your back too!! I hope you get some long-term relief ASAP! And about your job! Yikes!! :( I'm glad the book came at the right time for you. And that you're able to build your library!
    I'll be thinking about and praying for you that things will be looking up ASAP!

  6. Suzy, I share in your frustration this month. Different type but thanks for adding "the plan". We are being forced to move. After I read this, I did think, I have never really been totally at home in this house.
    I love that book, if you have trouble sleeping, just read it.

    Hope for better news to come your way!

  7. Suzy, sending you love ... it's so hard to have your world pulled out from under you ... and the choice of book is perfect, because there's something so comforting about that room, and a safe place to sleep. Here's hoping your heart finds its place soon, too, in work and with your family-building journey.

  8. Hi Suzy - Sorry about the job loss. I can't help but thinking about my good friend who recently lost his job - his attitude about it was much like yours, "I was unhappy here anyway, and I know God has a plan." Stuff has worked out for him in the weeks since he lost his position, and I'm praying that the same will happen for you.

  9. Really hopeful for you guys. What are you doing to treat your back pain?

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  11. Such a wonderful book! I also have back pain and i can't sit for a long period..I just read your post it is really good one. thanks
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